As security professionals, we are consumed with the doing of our jobs. Protecting networks, securing hosts, decompiling malware…. You name it, we all do it. Sometimes what we do not have time for is taking a close look at the issues and trends that drive our industry. AudioParasitics was created with this goal in mind…. to dissect the issues, drivers and trends of security. One day we may discuss disclosure, another day zero-day trends, yet another it might be new rootkit functionality. No matter. Rest assured that AudioParasitics will be there to beat that issue into submission with its two opinionated hosts and a variety of the security industry’s finest minds. If you are looking for lists of malware and threats, look elsewhere. If you are looking for news on the latest malware in the wild…… sorry, wrong podcast.

If you are, however, looking for highly-caffeinated commentary and heated arguments on the tenets and pillars of the security industry… well then, we got your back.

AudioParasitics – Take the red pill..

AudioParasitics Episodes:

Episode 141 - VideoParasitics with Special Guest - Raphael Mudge -- Raphael walks us though the latest Cobalt Strike features, highlighting Cortana, System Profiler and more!

Episode 140 - Microsoft and Adobe Special Edition - Jim provides a hyperparabolic and transparently-enhanced overview of the April 2013 releases from Microsoft and Adobe. MS13-028, MS13-029, APSB13-10, APSB13-11 and APSB13-12 are highlighted.

Episode 139 - Microsoft and Adobe Special Edition - Jim provides a reflexive and cryptographically perplexing overview of the January 2013 releases from Microsoft and Adobe. MS13-001, MS13-002, APSB13-01 and APSB13-02 are highlighted.

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